Gift wrapping station or desk?

Wish I could say I staged this..but no such luck. Yes that is wrapping paper on my home office desk. I am on two boards and have a non-profit, as well as teaching at a two year college. Luckily I have an office there…and my desk is a bit cleaner. Anyway I am embarrassed to say that all board work is organized in bags…rescued from the desk dysfunction. I have intentions to dig out of the chaos….help!

Annette Drewes

“Yes, there is a desk under there.”

Ha I live with it every day.  Yes there is a desk under there.  I had to move my desk into my husbands office when I started doing childcare again, and that meant trading my large desk for my daughters small one.  Maybe once or twice a year I get to see more of the surface but then it quickly gets piled with me and my children’s stuff! 

We want to see you messy desks!!!!!

Is a cluttered desk the sign of a cluttered mind? Or merely the sign of a busy person? Does it aid in productivity or hamper it? We want to hear from you, particularly if you are guilty of Messydeskitis – the consistent and overwhelming tendency to drown yourself in unnecessary papers and other work products.

Do people accuse you of hiding Jimmy Hoffa under your piles of papers? Have you found faxes from 1992 on your desktop? Do you remember what your desktop even looks like? If so, you might be just the clutter hound we’re looking for. Send pictures of your messy desk along with stories about how you got in this predicament  to

Then we’ll publish your stories and pictures in this blog. Who knows? You might even get a little help getting organized.